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  • Plain Pattern

    Making nice patterns needs some good amount of effort and time especially when you want to get it a satisfying piece. I've spent trying hard to make good patterns in my past, and always wished that there was a tool that helped me not pulling my own hair so much. Great News! Recently, I've found this nice tool that you can upload a SVG, change the colors and sizes as you wish through the admin panel. It's created by ...Continue Reading

  • The Imperial Series

    NoLi Brewhouse, the printing illustration was designed by Riley Cran, a designer based in the Pacific Northwest with a specialty in Identity, Packaging and Illustration. I always get inspired by his work.

  • Jos Montferrand

    Jos Montferrand, whose real name is Joseph Favre (October 25, 1802 to 4 octobre 1864), is a strong man who lived in the nineteenth century Quebec. At that time, the British, who were the new masters of the country, constantly provoked the French Canadians and multiple fights resulted. Jos Montferrand, a giant, acquired its reputation Vindicator with its address and its muscles, but also because he could not stand that an Englishman despise or insulted one of ...Continue Reading