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  • Plain Pattern

    Making nice patterns needs some good amount of effort and time especially when you want to get it a satisfying piece. I've spent trying hard to make good patterns in my past, and always wished that there was a tool that helped me not pulling my own hair so much. Great News! Recently, I've found this nice tool that you can upload a SVG, change the colors and sizes as you wish through the admin panel. It's created by ...Continue Reading

  • Creating a Retro Badge in illustrator

    RetroVectors is one of the awesome places to learn lots of cool techniques in Illustrator. One of the tutorials that I'd spent time learning was their ’40s ’50s ’60s badges. This tutorial will touch on creating compound paths in Illustrator which is a very useful process. I’m going to take one of the ’50s badges from the set you can download in the ’40s ’50s ’60s section of the site and show you how it’s done. Open ...Continue Reading

  • Retro Photoshop Brushes

    I love anything to do with retro. I've been obsessed with using retro design on my blog. Here is some cool retro brushes and vector images for Photoshop. It's free unless it's not for commercial use.